Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Deans of Muses Mill

Latest research on Grandpa Frank.

This is all prior to his visit on Sander Street. 

Military record found on Frank Dean, birth date same, June 1989, enlistment date 30 Apr 1918, which puts him at 20 years of age.  10 Company Pensacola Coast Guard Artillery Corps, at Ft. Barrancas.  Two military records for this, and one lists him as "Francis."

Assuming this is indeed Frank, shortly after an honorable discharge on 22 Mar 1919, he married my grandmother, Clara Wehrle, on 6 May 1919.  On that marriage record, Frank lists his parents as Nelly Cramer and John Dean.

Retrieved a marriage record for Nelly Cramer and John Dean, dated 18 Jun 1900, two years AFTER Frank's birth. 

John Dean, born "abt 1862," is found in the 1880 Kentucky census, and he did list his birth state as KY, residence being in "Muses, Fleming, Kentucky."  He is 18 at that census and occupation is listed as "farm laborer."  Google of the town shows "Muses Mills," which is in Fleming County.  Parents:  Elisha Dean and Betsy Dean.  Familiar name to mine.  Hmmm.  John listed on his and Nelly's marriage license his parents' names as Elisha Dean and Betsy Jacobs. 

Nelly listed her parents as Ellen Cornell and John Cramer.  A record for their marriage shows a date of  16 Mar 1874. 

Nelly Cramer was then found on the 1910 Ohio census as the wife of Joseph O'Flaherty and Frank is listed as "stepson," aged 12, with a sister, Ettie, 8 years of age.  This marriage record found is dated 30 Mar 1910.

I then found a death certificate for Nelly O'Flaherty, at age 42, dated 19 Jan 1918, while Frank was in the military.  The death record shows cause of death as "mitral insufficiency" at St. Mary's hospital.  Nelly's birth date was 29 Jun 1876. 

The next recorded information on Frank appears in 1920, in the Ohio census, married to Clara.  My father was born 20 Feb 1920 and this census precedes his birth.  The 1930 census lists Raymond, my father, as well as younger siblings at that time, Norbert, Dorothy, and Clara.  "Junior" was yet to be born.  This tells me that Frank was still in residence.  It would have been shortly after Frank, Jr.'s birth when my father made him leave. 

As of this time, I'm thinking I'm a Dean descendant from the Deans of Muses Mill, Kentucky. 

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