Friday, February 3, 2012

Challenge Day 3

I'm excited about what I've done so far in the past two days on Somewhere Over the Rhine, my family memoir.  I'm beginning to see this looking like a book.

I decided yesterday to insert a family chart for my grandfather Frank Dean at the beginning of "The Dean of Orangeburg" chapter for my family readers to refer to easily as the various ancestors pop up in the writing.  Likewise, today I plan to put "The Wehrles from Baden" chart on the first page of that chapter.

Big Surprise!!  Discovered on a genealogy forum another Valentine Wehrle descendent who supplied me with the ship's passage info I've been beating my brain out to find for years.  Great, great grandfather Valentine and wife Maria docked at New Orleans in 1852, having sailed from La Havre, France.  Valentine's father's name was Franz Anton Wehrle from Wurttenburg-Baden.  Love it!

I'm happy with the Dean chapter, which I finished yesterday, and when I go back to edit -- hopefully next month -- it'll clean up easily and be what I intended.

This kind of writing is the hardest for me, though I would have thought otherwise.  I mean, I'm writing about what I know, which usually is the easiest, but because of the research, the facts and documents, and the historic timeline, it's tedious work.

I am  relieved to be finishing this project finally and so grateful I heard about this challenge in time to take part.  Back to work now.

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