Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Free eBooks From Memoir Writer's Blog

Denis Ledoux's Memoir Writer's Blog is celebrating his new blog's look by giving away some good ebooks.  I just downloaded mine and will be reading tonight!  Get yours free before Friday midnight by clicking link below.

Free ebooks on Smashwords & a Giveaway
Posted by Denis Ledoux
Allow me introduce you to Smashwords.com. Have you used this terrific e-book distribution platform to your benefit yet? Whether you are an aspiring or experienced independent writer or simply an avid reader, you’ll find this website a terrific resource for purchasing affordable e-books or publishing your own new titles electronically.
Perhaps you didn’t know that here at The Memoir Network, we have seven available titles at Smashwords. What’s even better is that these titles are *FREE* for you until April 19. It’s our gift to you! But don’t worry if you’ve missed the free offer; these will still available after this offer at a small fee.
I love getting things free, especially books that inspire and help me write better.

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