Monday, February 25, 2013

Five Life Lessons

Lynn, our fearless leader of the Family History Writing Challenge this month, and owner of The Armchair Genealogist,  gave us a challenge today that I readily accept.

"Write about these 5 life lessons that you have identified in, your family history research."

Sitting on a stranger's tombstone in Old St. Joseph's Cemetery, looking up
a date on my laptop.  

1.  First, Above all, Never Give Up.  

I've learned that I can achieve a lot more than I thought, including some things I thought were impossible,  if  I  just stick with it.   

2.  Procrastination is Not an Option.  

I've made myself be accountable, and that's been hard for this wanna-be Scarlet O'Hara, "I'll think about it tomorrow."

3.  Don't Judge Anyone Whose Path You've Never Walked.  

My ancestors who appear from the documented facts to have done things I might not approve of did what they had to do, what they needed to do, or chose to do, at the time.  My family is not perfect.  Whose is?

4.  I am a Descendant of Strong and Brave People.

My ancestors definitely got out of their comfort zones to make a better life  for themselves and their families.  The made the hard choices.  They took chances.  The explored new paths.  Have I done that in my own life?  Yes, I have.  Maybe it's because of those whose blood I share.  That makes me proud.

5.  Gratitude.
What You Don't Like Sometimes Makes You Stronger.  There was a time when I blamed my family for my less-than-perfect childhood.  As I've gone back over these early memories, the hurts, the insecurities, the scary things, the unfairness, I realize I survived.  I was loved.  I was blessed to have people who took care of me when the times were tough.  

I had some Awesome Role Models! 

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  1. Beautiful Bettyann, I am so glad you tried this exercise, and I hope those lessons forever guide you in your writing and research.